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You have a right to high quality and affordable health care. The best way to make that care affordable is to enroll in health insurance. We can help explain the choices available to you and assist you with enrolling in the plan that is best for you and your family. If you do not qualify or cannot afford any of the free or low-cost health insurance plans available, you may qualify for one of our 财政援助计划s — 推荐几个网赌网站 or 选项— to make our health care services affordable for you and your family.

How do I find out about the choices available?

Speak to a NYC Health + Hospitals financial counselor who can help you and your family enroll in free or low cost health insurance if you are eligible. Our financial counselors are 在这里 to help you choose from a variety of health insurance plans you may be eligible for. If you are not eligible for any health insurance plan, 买不起保险, 或者没有钱支付医疗费用, you may qualify for one of our 财政援助计划s.

推荐几个网赌网站 is available for New Yorkers who are ineligible for or can’t afford health insurance.

选项 is available for people who are ineligible for or can’t afford health insurance and live in or visit New York City. 选项 helps people who live in or visit Nassau County and use our hospitals and health centers in Queens. 选项 also helps people who live in or visit Westchester County and use our hospitals and health centers in the Bronx.


No one likes to get hurt or sick, but unexpected medical events do occur. Having a health insurance plan helps pay for some of those unexpected costs, including ongoing large medical bills and prescription medications, 还能让你内心平静. We also know that people with health insurance are more likely to get the preventive care they and their family needs to stay healthy.


You will be asked to give information about yourself and your family and how much you earn. We will help you choose from a variety of health insurance plans and 财政援助计划s you may be eligible for. This is a secure application and no information is shared with immigration officials.


You may be asked to provide documents depending on what you qualify for. Be prepared to provide a document from each category below. If you are applying in person, please bring them with you. 如果你是通过电话申请, you will be asked to upload them to MyChart or provide them during your 任命. If you don’t have certain documents, don’t worry! 我们还是可以帮忙的.

身份证明驾驶执照或非驾驶证件, ID纽约, 护照, 外国ID, 绿卡或工作许可, 入籍证书, 签证, 学校的身份证, 结婚证书, 出生证明, EBT卡或CBIC卡
收入证明Pay stubs (last 4 weeks), Employment letter, Pension/SSI/Unemployment Assistance award letter/check
地址证明Postmarked Envelope, Utility Bill (last 90 days), Rent Agreement, Mortgage Statement
确定保险资格If you have already been screened for insurance eligibility by an Assistor from another organization or on your own through the New York State of Health Marketplace, 分享一份决定的副本


T在这里 are many free or low-cost health insurance plans available. 我们可以和你讨论这些选择. If you are not eligible for health insurance and qualify for financial assistance, 你只付你负担得起的钱. The chart on the below shows what you may be asked to pay under one of our 财政援助计划s. Your fee can be as low as $0 for a doctor’s visit.

Click to view full sized NYC Health + Hospitals 金融援助 Fee Schedule
Click to view NYC Health + Hospitals 金融援助 Policy

To learn more about our 财政援助计划s in your own language click 在这里 (PDF)
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What if I receive a bill while I’m waiting to hear about my health insurance coverage or enrollment in a 财政援助计划?

If you applied for health insurance or a 财政援助计划, you will not be asked to pay the bill while your application is being reviewed.

如果你收到账单, you should contact us and ask to speak with a financial counselor who will help you.

How do I apply for health insurance or for a 财政援助计划?

Our financial counselors can help you apply for health insurance coverage or financial assistance. Call 1-844-692-4692 and select option 3 to speak to a financial counselor.

NYC Health + Hospitals provides health care for everyone. We respect the rights and privacy of all patients including people who are undocumented. We also help non-英语 language speakers talk with doctors and other staff members. Our staff speak many languages including Albanian, 阿拉伯语, 孟加拉语, 中国人, 法国, 海地克里奥尔语, 北印度语, 朝鲜文, 波兰的, 俄罗斯, 西班牙语, 和乌尔都语. 还提供口译服务. 你可以用你的语言获取信息.