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问我们的专家: 6 Breastfeeding Tips for Mom and Baby

问我们的专家: 6 Breastfeeding Tips for Mom and Baby

母乳喂养对宝宝最好. 没有什么能比得上.

Breast milk is filled with the vitamins and nutrients that your baby needs. It also builds your baby’s immune system and helps their brain develop. 但, 从抽吸到闭锁, it is clear that this invaluable connection between Mom and Baby can have its share of challenges.

Dr. 温迪·威尔科克斯, Chief 妇女的健康 Service Officer at NYC Health + Hospitals, shares 6 tips on breastfeeding for moms and their children.

  • 需要帮助? 我们在这里支持你. All NYC Health + Hospitals acute sites are Baby Friendly certified. This means that your health care team will do all they can to help you in your breastfeeding journey. 出生后立即, your care team will place your baby on your chest for skin-to-skin contact, which allows baby to better regulate body temperature, 花更多的时间深度睡眠, develop a stronger immune system and improve breastfeeding.

    Your first breastfeeding sessions after birth, may be very overwhelming. 虽然你的本能可能会发挥作用, our Labor and Delivery units have nurses and lactation consultants available to coach you on positioning your baby and ensuring proper latching is achieved. We also support you after you are discharged from the hospital. The NYC Health + Hospitals Community 护理 team provide breastfeeding support as mom and baby adjust to the home setting.
  • 尝试不同的工作,找到适合自己的工作. If you think finding the right position to sleep is difficult, it’s probably second to breastfeeding. A nursing pillow is strongly recommended to support the baby’s weight and provides more ease for better positioning. 记住, nursing bras will become a standard part of your daily attire 24/7, as well as nursing pads to prevent unexpected leakage. Eating a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water to support breastfeeding will also help for milk production. You and your baby will be exhausted after the birth, so enlist the help of family members or friends to assist with bringing the baby to you, getting you what you need and helping with household chores.
  • 和宝宝一起享受睡前时光. 护理 at night while comfortable in bed, is a goal. 减少干扰, use a nightlight with calming music and wear a nursing nightgown or pajamas to make it easier. Lastly, put the phone down and enjoy your one-on-one time with your new baby.! 哺乳后不要忘记, placing your baby in a crib without excess bedding or toys is the safest way for baby to sleep.
  • 照顾好你的乳房. Sore nipples are common when breastfeeding, and are usually caused by poor latching. Sometimes a baby’s mouth will slide down the nipple during feeding, despite correct latching. If there is more distance between the baby’s nose and your breast, 轻轻地打破吸盘,重新把宝宝锁住. Babies know how much breastmilk they need to take in. They usually end the feeding themselves by letting go of the breast or releasing the nipple when they fall asleep. Allowing baby to determine the length of feeding will ensure the right balance of foremilk and hindmilk. Foremilk is released at the beginning of the feed and contains more water to quench baby’s thirst. Hindmilk occurs at the end of the feed and contains more calories, satisfying baby’s hunger.

    如果乳头破裂或疼痛, breastmilk is among the safest moisturizers available to soothe the discomfort. You can also use purified lanolin to retain water and prevent dryness or cracking. Warm water is all that is needed to clean your nipples. 尽量减少肥皂的用量, shampoo and other bathing cleansers that might further irritate the area.
  • 注意宝宝的喂养提示,不要放弃. 母乳喂养并不像妈妈们想象的那么容易, 但是熟能生巧, 你需要的只是时间. How often you feed your baby will vary but it’s usually every few hours for newborns. 记住, 母乳喂养的次数越多, the body’s natural reaction is to increase the amount of breastmilk produced.

    当开始母乳喂养, try to put the baby to the breast when you notice your baby’s feeding cues such as sucking on his hands or smacking his lips. Try not to feed your baby any supplemental formula until your breastfeeding routine, 因此你的牛奶供应, 是公认的. Your baby’s stomach is the size of a marble and your baby will take in enough breastmilk by breastfeeding alone. Your baby will benefit from suckling from your nipple, as there are special antibodies which are passed from your body to him during the process. Try to reserve use of a breast pump until breastfeeding 是公认的.
  • 继续母乳喂养到第二年. Don’t be afraid to extend breastfeeding to two years or more, 如果你和你的孩子都希望. 护理 in the second year of life can help reduce infant and maternal mortality and morbidity. Parents who breastfeed their children past the one-year mark have a decreased risk for type 2 diabetes, 高血压, 心血管病, 还有乳腺癌.